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Basic Sushi Lessons

Today’s Average Guy Gourmet is just a little bit different than normal. This time instead of me teaching you, I was learning lol. A couple of my good friends Matt and Rick both are great at making. We had been talking about getting together and filming for sometime now because…. well...

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Beef Bean Cheese Burritos

Today it’s time for a back to basics, super filling and totally awesome dinner! This one is a complete comfort food and will 100% fill you up. These Beef Bean Cheese Burritos are easy to tweak to either add in ingredients you may want or take something out. Let’s be honest guys who...

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Bacon Beer Cheese Soup

You guys know in the winter I like to put out a weekly soup recipe. This week is no different, but if you haven’t been able to tell over the last few episodes I have been on a bit of a bacon kick lately lol. So I went back to bacon for this soup, more specifically a Bacon Beer Cheese…

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BLT Soup

While I like soups a lot I also love some great comfort food. So I love taking established soup recipes and twisting them around a little bit so they are fun, comfort food that tastes.. well you know Awesome! lol. One of the things I loved eating all the time was BLTs, yup sometimes nothing...

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5 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

So wow here we are 500 episodes. For those who don’t know it was a few years back I had to call my brother and ask him how to make a grilled cheese sandwich! I mean really basic right, but there I was with a singular question for him… Her Dennis do you butter the toast before or...

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Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

It is cold and rainy out in my area right now so it is the perfect time for another awesome soup recipe! With that said I am throwing down with an exceptional Chicken and Wild Rice Soup Recipe! Nothing and I mean nothing really hits the spot like this soup does. This one is a classic soup...

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